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Chancellor's Research Fellowship Application

Chancellor's Research Fellowship Application Process

Submit your application for the Chancellor's Research Fellowship (CRF) through the following online process. Applications must be submitted on May 1, 2014 to be considered for the Fellowship. Before beginning the online application process, be sure to read thorough the descriptions of the CRF Project Proposal and Application Guidelines.

STEP ONE: Complete all sections of the CRF Project Proposal template - Student and Mentor Information, Abstract, Introduction, Research Methodology or Creative Context, Potential Implications, References, Timeline Template, and Budget Development form. When complete, SAVE entire Project Proposal document to a word file. Make sure the document file does not exceed 5MB, as the web server will not accept uploads larger than this size.

STEP TWO: Alert your Faculty Mentor about the forthcoming request for the Faculty Mentor Letter of Recommendation. Your Faculty Mentor will be sent an e-mail requesting approval of your CRF application submission, acknowledgement of mentorship responsibility, and a letter of recommendation regarding the strength of the project proposed once you submit the application.

STEP THREE: Complete the online CRF Application Submission Process. The first page requests Student Researcher(s) Information. The second page requests Faculty Mentor(s) Information. The third page requests the title and type of project and also provides the "Choose File" button where your CRF Project Proposal is to be uploaded. After uploading the CRF Project Proposal, all of the text from your entire CRF application will be available for you to review and edit. When complete, click on the "Submit Application" button. You will receive an email acknowledgment of the CRF submission.

CRF Application Submission Process

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Student Researcher Information

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